4minute’s Gayoon Performs on Japan’s "Bokura no Ongaku"

Over the Chuseok holiday, 4minute‘s Gayoon was busy in Japan recording for a popular Fuji TV music program called “Bokura no Ongaku (Our Music).” 

She was the only 4minute member as a guest on September 12, and she performed alongside famous pianist Kiyozuka Shinya on a cover of Nakashima Mika‘s “Snow Flower.” Dressed in a gorgeous white wedding dress, the staff couldn’t help but send her a round of applause as she pulled off all of the notes and successfully completed the stage. 

“There are many that were planning concerts centered around bringing J-Pop and K-Pop stars together, and this collaboration between pianist Kiyozuka Shinya and Gayoon really set the mark,” producers of the program stated. 

“It’s my first Chuseok away from my family and the 4minute members so I was a bit sad, but I’m also excited and glad to be a part of such an important program. I think I was able to express my emotions in my singing better because I could sing to a live piano performance. I hope to appear on this program next time with my other 4minute members,” Gayoon expressed. 

Other Korean stars featured on the program in the past include BoA, DBSK, and Shinhwa