Multiracial Boy Group ESQ Makes First TV Appearance

ESQ is the first international boy group to debut in Korea. ESQ, which stands for ESQUIRE, made their first television appearance on September 13 through SBS’s “Hallyu Olympics. The group covered BEAST’s “Breath” and MBLAQ’s “Mona Lisa,” and performed a short part of their debut single, “Monster.” Other idols on the show, including MBLAQ, T-aramiss A, and 2AM praised the rookie group on their performance.

ESQ is comprised of five members, K9, Kyungmin, Keunhwan, Jihoo, and Kyle. All the members are from Canada, and are of Korean, Chinese, and Caucasian backgrounds. The boys will follow their debut of “Monster,” with their first mini album, “All Squires Day.” A second single will then be released called, “In the Crowd.”

ESQ is produced by Advance Entertainment, a well-known agency that specializes in managing foreign talent. They have previously worked with other foreign-raised or foreign-born idols, helping to ensure that their rising stars succeed both in the Korean entertainment market as well as the international market. Advance Entertainment says ESQ will present values of strength, class and virtue, which their fans may aspire to.