David Choi Opens Up with His Thoughts on K-Pop

Songwriter and producer David Choi recently shared his thoughts on the ever-growing K-Pop industry with viewers on YouTube.

David Choi, the famous YouTube artist, begins by mentioning that his fans frequently write about K-Pop in his video comments. In addressing the popular topic, he reveals his thoughts on the growth of the Hallyu wave, appeal and images of celebrities, and the direction of Korean entertainment.

While Choi believes that early Korean artists copied American music, he states that K-Pop today has improved greatly to “well-crafted,” “catchy,” and good sounding music. Yet he does not see eye-to-eye with the appeal of “girly guys,” and the seemingly endless girl and boy groups debuting as some lack originality and depth due to the cookie cutter methodology.

Acknowledging that viewers may dislike what he has to say, Choi encourages fans in saying, “If you like a certain style of music, listen to it. No one is stopping you. The more you listen to it, the more you support… It’s people like you that make K-Pop bigger and bigger… Listen to it, support, buy their albums, go to their shows. That’s how they grow as artists and bands.”

Check out what else he has to say below! David Choi invites you to share your thoughts on K-Pop in the comments section.