Shin Se Kyung Confirmed to Appear on "Infinity Challenge" Along With Many Other Celebrities

Shin Se Kyung has finally had her wish come true and will be appearing on a future episode of MBC “Infinity Challenge” along with a whole host of other celebrities including Jung Jae Hyung, Kim Shin Young, All Lies Band‘s Woo Seung Min and Lee Jung.

There has been several reports around the Internet on September 15 that states that MBC “Infinity Challenge” held a recording session at a girls’ middle school in Incheon as part of their “Hanamana Season Three” special.

(From a previous season of the Hanamana special)

The “Hanamana Season Three” special is the third in a series of specials titled “Hanamana (Whether you do it or not)” that involves the “Infinity Challenge” members going to various locations at random and without notice to perform a mini-concert for the people. In previous seasons they have gone to baseball stadiums during a high school baseball game, an opening festival for optometrists, a sauna, a pre-schoool and a university festival.

In a recent episode of “Infinity Challenge,” the members decided to recruit people and other celebrities who could take the place of their partners from the “West Coast Expressway Music Festival” to participate in the “Hanamana Season Three” special. They were especially looking for people that looked like their original partners.

According to the reports by the people at the scene, a wide host of celebrities such as Shin Se Kyung, Jung Jae Hyung, Kim Shin Young, All Lies Band Woo Seung Min and Lee Jung had participated in the mini-concert.

Shin Se Kyung’s appearance in the show is of particular interest as she has frequently expressed her love for the show in various interviews. In a previous interview she had stated that “I really love ‘Infinity Challenge’ and I really want to make an appearance on the show, please write this in an article. Will Kim Tae Ho PD or one of the scriptwriters give me a call (to cast me) after seeing the article?”

She was also full of praise for the show during the interview stating that “I really like ‘Infinity Challenge.’ ‘Infinity Challenge’ is the only pleasure in life that I have. It is what keeps me going. When I watch ‘Infinity Challenge,’ I can forget about all my worries and concerns and laugh. All the stress that I had built up during the week is washed away. Watching it every week is a given and there is a lot times where I would go and re-watch funny episodes or sections. That’s how much of an ‘Infinity Challenge’ manic I am. Re-watching ‘Infinity Challenge’ is my hobby.”

The airing date for the “Hanamana Season 3” special has yet to be decided.

Spoiler Fan Cams from the mini-concert

Credits adcde23 @ YT

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