(Spoiler Alert) This Week’s Episode of "The Musical" Features a Steamy Kiss Scene Between…

Ock Ju Hyun and Choi Daniel shared an exceptionally steamy kiss scene on a piano. 

In an episode of SBS’s “The Musical,” which will air on September 16, Ock Ju Hyun (playing Bae Kang Hee) and Choi Daniel (playing Hong Jae Ee) act as lovers from the past. This scene is a flashback of when they used to be in love. This scene reveals their past relationship as well as their passion for musicals and their love for one another. In order to create a beautiful and emotional kiss scene, supposedly, Ock Ju Hyun and Choi Daniel kissed each other until their lips were all bruised up.

One source says, “While all the staff members were being dead quiet to produce a better scene, the two actors went through multiple attempts and the scene ended up being not appropriate for broadcast. However, with the magic of editing, we made it just appropriate enough and a very steamy piano kiss scene was born.” 

Seeing her past lover Choi Daniel fall for another woman (Goo Hye Sun), Ock Ju Hyun is foreseen to show intense “femme fatale” acting skills as she plays a woman clinging onto the past.