On September 15, the beautiful Ha Ji Won showed off her airport fashion style on the Incheon Airport. She took off to London for a commercial shoot for the make-up brand “Olay”.

Today she was sporting the tough, but casual “Angelina Jolie-look”. She wore her cute short hair in a casual ponytail and matched her whole outfit within the grey-black range, wearing a grey see-through sweater, black sunglasses, black leggings and black ankle boots. The design of her clothing was very distinct, as the top half of her legging was made of fabric and the lower half made of leather. The key feature of her outfit were her ankle boots. The double straps and multiple laces gave her outfit a more tough vibe, while the killer heels made her taller.

Another striking feature of her outfit was her designer bag, well actually her two designer bags. She carried a Fendi tote bag on her left arm, while wearing a Chanel notebook case on her right arm.

She walked through the airport with a bright and fresh face. Even when several photographers tried to take pictures of her, she greeted the camera’s with a bright smile.

What do you think of her “Angelina Jolie-look”?