Wheesung and Trainee Ailee Wow the Audience

On Sept. 13, Singer Wheesung and trainee Ailee held a smooth performance on the MBC’s Chuseok special episode of “Singer and Trainee“,

At the beginning of “My Boo,” Ailee gave a nice rap with an easy going expression. Although she isn’t an official singer yet, she showed all the skills and pose of a natural born performer.

Following Ailee’s solo performance of “Halo” by Beyonce, judge BMK expressed, “Wherever she goes, she has the potential to be a big star. She definitely has the voice.” The other contestants were in awe of her. Just take a look at the second video.

After the judges had graded everyone, Ailee won first place, followed by Simon, who won second.

On another note, Wheesung and Ailee complemented each other to create a perfect performance. Even one of the judges, Brave Brothers, said, “Wheesung is really smart. I want to see this ‘Ailee’ friend next time on the stage.” 

She doesn’t appear nervous, and her voice is powerful. Keep your eye on this girl, she may be big sometime soon in the future.

Here is some video footage.

With Wheesung (“My Boo):

Solo performance:(“Halo”- Beyonce)