T-ara to Endorse "Shin Ramen" in Japan

The popularity of T-ara seems to have no end, as they’re conquering new heights with each new day! T-ara was recently chosen to endorse Nongshim “Shin Ramen” brand in Japan.

On September 15, the girls gathered at the Laforet Museum in Tokyo to celebrate the brand’s new product release. After singing two songs – “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Crazy Because of You” – T-ara said, “The ramen that Koreans love the most is Shin Ramen. It’s truly the best. The ramen combined with ddukbokgi is also delicious.” 

They then went on to autograph the brand’s new kitchen car, which was produced specifically to celebrate the members signing on as models for the brand. T-ara even put on a special dance lesson for special guest AKB actress Oshima Mai, who wanted to learn their cat dance. 

For those in Japan that can purchase the “Shin Ramen Black,” be sure to check out the homepage for videos on the “Shin Ramen x T-ara Red Hot Project” campaign where the girls show fun recipe tips on how to make their favorite ramen.