U-Kiss’ Dongho Reveals His Identification Card

U-Kiss has comeback with “Never Land” and its member Dongho revealed his identification card. He appeared on the variety show, Y-STAR’s “God of Food Road.” The show opened up with AJ, Soo Hyun, and Eli introducing themselves, then all of the focus was put on the 18 year old Dongho.

Dongho had become mature and on the show he received all the attention of emcees, Jung Jun Ha and Hyun Young. Dongho showed his identification card that was recently issued, in order to show that he was not a child anymore.

However, what surprised the emcee Hyun Young, the most was how much Dongho could eat.

From the beginning with the filming he yelled, “Give me a bowl of rice!” and began to eat. Even the “God of Food” Jung Jun Ha stated, “I think it’s the first time I’ve seen an idol that can beat me at eating.”

Also, on September 6 Dongho appeared on YTN’s “News and Issue” and stipulated how he was grateful for Kim Hye Soo. It was through the actress’ help that Dongho was able to appear on the film, “Villain on the Second Floor.”