Kim Sa Rang’s Graduation Photos Revealed

 Actress, Kim Sa Rang’s graduation photo was revealed and it gained a lot of attention from netizens.

 On September 16, her photos were revealed through an online community blog.

 Her graduation photo has aroused astonishment of the netizens as it was quiet different to her appearance now. The photo shows us the opposite image of Kim Sa Rang’s image as a goddess.

 In the shown photo she is a young girl with puffy cheeks, a round egg-shaped face with no double eye-lids.

Netizens who have seen the photo have said, “She looks totally different,”, “Maybe she has lost a lot of weight”, “She look alike to Minzy,”. The netizens were a little disappointed with her past graduation photos.

 She now is active in filming many advertisements and has gained a lot of attention from Secret Garden that was aired last year.