Won Bin’s Shocking Airport Fashion

Won Bin’s recent airport fashion has been a hot issue.

Prior to the release of his recent movie, “The Man from Nowhere” in China, he arrived at the Beijing International Airport on September 14.

The photo was first revealed on a Chinese news website. In the photo, he is wearing a unique shaped hat, a grey shirt and khaki coloured pants.

Netizens have seen the photos through an online new website and their reaction toward his fashion sense varies. They have said comments such as, “Even though it’s Won Bin, this is a little…” showing a negative reaction toward his fashion. However, on the other hand, they have said that it suits him because he is Won Bin.

The movie, “The Man From Nowhere” is to be released in China on September 16 with a different movie title. During his stay in China, he will be attending press conferences and promotions in regards to the movie.