4minute’s Sohyun: Angel vs. Devil

Although 4minute‘s Sohyun is an angel in every 4nia’s heart, the cute maknae showed that she could be just as devilish if she wanted by sharing two photos with an angel vs. devil concept. 

“I upgraded my cell phone and suddenly don’t feel like taking selcas anymore. It’s weird. The screen has gotten bigger and it saves to the reverse side. That’s why I took this one today with the Pudding camera. Angel VS Devil,” she wrote on her Twitter on September 17. 

Although she has her eyes closed in both pictures, there’s definitely a contrast in image with the way she styled her hair. The first picture makes her look as adorable as ever while the second one gives a spooky feel. 

Netizens commented, “I like the angel picture better,” “I like pictures with these types of concepts, please do more,” and “What are you doing up so late?”

Do you think she pulled off her devilish look?