Crowd of Kara Fans Cause Street Blockage

The street of the young: Hong Dae (one of the hippest areas in Seoul).

On the night of September 16, Hong Dae Street was completely blocked off due to Kara! The girls were filming an episode of KBS‘s “Entertainment Weekly“, on a “date” with reporter Kim Tae Jin. Although they were surrounded by hundreds of people, the members of Kara were cheerful and all smiles.

Their appearance was sure to attract many people. In a matter of minutes, the streets were blocked by hundreds of fans who pointed and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, that’s Kara!”

The girls seemed almost in awe of their surroundings as they looked around the streets. They were like a group of little girls. With radiant smiles, they shared stories and had an enjoyable time. Kim Tae Jin could surely tell why Kara was named the “Queen of Variety Shows”.

All the members were well dressed for this casual date. Hara wore a denim shirt with white pants, and Seung Yeon wore a checkered shirt with black jeans for a fall look. Gyuri had on a striped t-shirt paired with skinny jeans, and Nicole had on a red lipstick t-shirt with red jeans for a bright look. The youngest, Jiyoung, had on a printed t-shirt with skinny jeans, which will surely set a trend this fall.

And of course, Kara’s fan service was excellent, like always. When asked to show some choregraphy from their latest album, the girls happily agreed, shaking their hips and moving their arms. They even gave hugs to random fans who jumped into their circle!

Although it was very chaotic with all the noise and people, Kara was alert and ready to answer all the reporter’s questions. They joked, clapped their hands in delight, and were honest.

Sadly, the Hong Dae date didn’t last too long. Because there was a high risk of danger, the girls had to leave after twenty minutes. They seemed reluctant to leave as they hung their heads to say goodbye.

Kara had such a great time at Hong Dae. Maybe it was because the line between star and fan was blurred. The girls blushed beet red like little girls when one foreign fan professed his love for them. How cute!

Currently, Kara will be promoting their third album “Step” for a short three weeks in Korea. Their passion for this album seemed hotter than ever. They are determined to stick together through anything. We’ll back you up, Kara, so Hwaiting!

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