‎[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – Sept. 17th Episode

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Infinity Challenge Speed Special Part 2★

Lalala~ Forget about the pleasant trip to work! The speed limit is 70km/h! The time limit is 6 hours! The bomb will explode if you don’t find the password! The seven guy thread through the middle of the city in a race with the bomb! Infinity Challenge Speed Special Part 2

# It will explode if you stop, so don’t question or complain about it and just drive!

“Don’t look at the tree but look at the forest!” The members are flustered because their first order is lacking context and has no reasoning. The time limit is just 30 minutes! They have to first move our even though they don’t know the reason! Underneath the scorching autumn sun, why are they organising the car park all of a sudden?

If their identity is revealed then the bomb will explode! Thorough security and silence is a must! Infiltrate the library without any recognising you? Work uniform and glasses are standard! Stick on a moustache as well. The members have perfectly(?) transformed into maintenance workers! They have entered the library while avoiding the sights of the many people inside, so what is the identity of the “thing” they are looking for? 

Three Tracks, Six Trains! Out of those, only of those trains has the decisive hint that could stop the explosion! At the Seoul City Transfer Station, The Infinity Challenge members begin to search the subway with close attention to detail The passing citizens and the fruit box laying on top of the shelf as well, for them, it’s something that they can’t just skim past as it could be a hint to the password! Inside the travelling train, what is the reason that causes the members to fall into complete chaos?

The mystery orders continue in quick succession. If they miss even just one hint then they have no way to diffuse the bomb?! The hints are hidden all over the city of Seoul! And the members’ solitary struggle to complete the mission, what will that breathtaking process be like?

# Their life is at stake because of their friendship, We are brothers?

6 years of Infinity Challenge, Their well renowned friendship is wavering? The members are being pressured into picking just one of their colleagues. For everyone to survive, someone will have to be abandoned… Why are you doing this to us?! As times passes, the identity of the enemy(?) becomes even more mysterious and rumours of a internal spy slowly start to surfaces as well…!! Their life is at stake because of their friendship, what will the members’ choices be? 

It even made the positive thinking evangelist Hong Chul freeze up. The full story behind the Hong-Car explosion incident! The variety show that goes beyond the movies, Infinity Challenge Speed special part two

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