U-KISS Talks About Their "Neverland" Comeback

Since their debut in 2008, U-KISS hasn’t had a moment of rest. If they weren’t promoting in Korea, they were overseas, constantly and actively working to get their name out there. If they ever did get a moment’s rest, it was spent working on their next album.

While promoting over in Japan, the boys used every spare moment they could to work on their comeback album, “Neverland.” Soohyun revealed, “The preparation period was rather short but it’s an album that is of high quality. We haven’t won yet, but we’re sure that ‘Neverland’ will be the song we win with.”

Together, they sat down for an interview with Ilkan Sports, delving into some of the finer details of their comeback. Read on to find out more about them!

– “You’re currently promoting in Japan. Do you feel the growth of your popularity? 

“We haven’t formally made a debut in Japan yet and just released one licensed album so we’re glad and thankful that so many gave us their love. Every time our name charts on the Oricon chart, we don’t feel our popularity.” (Soohyun)

“Back in July, we had a 300 member fan meet in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and other cities. I almost cried seeing the seats all filled up.” (Hoon)

“I can see with my eyes that the amount of fans that come to our performances are growing by the day. It’s quite amazing.” (Dongho)

– “Unlike other idol groups, you don’t dorm together. We heard that you dormed together for the first time for your promotions in Japan. What was that like?”

“We had a lot of members that came in from overseas as well as a lot of minors so we didn’t dorm together. For about three months in Japan, we lived together. It was a lot of fun being able to talk and have fun after coming home from completing our schedules.” (Kevin)

“We did a lot of bets, putting 500 Yen on the line and going against each other for computer or playstation games. I lost the most amount of money, though. I think I lost about 7,000 Yen.” (Eli)

– “Do you have any fun stories to share from your dorming?”

“It’s quite weird, but my underwear and socks keep disappearing one by one. I don’t know who’s taking them.” (AJ)

“Mine keeps disappearing as well. It’s still a mystery.” (Hoon)

– “What do you think of idols dating each other? Are there any members that are currently dating?”

“We’re so far from dating right now. I feel really jealous whenever I see other idols dating.” (Kevin)
“I want to one day be an official entertainment couple. I don’t know whether I’ll have the opportunity, though.” (Soohyun)

– “Do you have a celebrity that you missed while promoting in Japan?”

“I missed JYJ’s Junsu hyung. I’m also close with his twin brother, Junho hyung, bcause we played soccer together. I also often stop by the PC room that the two hyungs run.” (Soohyun)

– “What are your future goals?”

“I want to win #1 on a music program, as well as win the Bonsang for the Golden Disk Awards.” (Soohyun)

“I’m going to work hard on not only our Korean promotions, but promotions overseas too. I saw on the news that there was an anti-Hallyu movement in Japan, but while promoting there, I never felt it. I’m going to work hard so that when we’re one day named the third generation of the Hallyu wave, people won’t be embarrassed of it.” (Hoon)