April Kiss Wants to Be a Sweet Kiss in the Warm Breeze

The music industry saw a waterfall of girl group debuts this year, and mixed in the crowd was April Kiss, a group that boasts an average group height of 173 cm. They met for the first time a year and a half ago and went through some arduous training before they were able to emerge this month with all of the confidence and passion that a rookie needs to survive. 

Perhaps their beautiful faces and slender bodies gave it away, but they were also models as well as musical actresses and even high school teachers. Just like their name, they hope to become a group that is as sweet and thrilling as a kiss in the warm breeze of spring. 

Their debut song, “Hello Bus,” was composed by rookie producer Kim Dong Hee. If you haven’t heard it by now, you should, because the song has trendy hip hop sounds and an addictive melody. “Our debut album is titled ‘Wannabe’ because we want to become a girl group that the public would want to be like. All six members of us have different charms, so we want to become a unique girl group,” the members said. 

Member Sara has a German father and a Thai mother. Not only can she speak Korean, but also English, German, and Thai. “I loved K-Pop so much that I first came to Korea two years ago. I want to succeed and get my name and April Kiss’s name known throughout the world,” Sara revealed. 

Like many other fellow debuts, their goal for the year is to be able to grab hold of a rookie award of the year. 

“It took us a long time of training to be able to get this far. We all trained in singing so we’d like for people to not judge us for just our looks. Just because we modeled and worked in other industries doesn’t mean that we should be stereotyped accordingly. We’re going to continue to sweat and work hard since our dream and goal is to become an April Kiss that is talented and skilled,” the group explained.