International Fans Show Support for "Heartstrings" in Internet Polls

“Heartstrings” may have trailed in ratings at home, but fans the world over have definitely fallen for it. 

The MBC youth melodrama was recently voted “Best Korean Drama” on a user-generated page of the search engine site “Heartstrings” edged out “City Hunter” and “Secret Garden” to emerge in the top position earning over 40.5% percent of the votes from readers, showcasing the fans’ overwhelming support.

Similarly on a fan-created “Best of Korea” page on social networking site Facebook, “Heartstrings” won over “Dream High” and “You’re Beautiful” for “Best Teen Drama.”

“Heartstrings” starred CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye as campus sweethearts in an elite arts and music college. The drama was highly anticipated for the reteaming the two leads who had formerly co-starred in the highly popular “You’re Beautiful.” However, ratings stayed in the single digits throughout its domestic run, and ended one episode short of its intended 16 after hitting production challenges.

Even so, “Heartstrings” earned fans all over the world. The drama was sold in eight countries before its premiere.

Currently, Park Shin Hye is on hiatus and is yet to announce her next project. Jung Yong Hwa is busy with activities of his band, CN Blue, of which another “Heartstrings” cast member, Kang Min Hyuk is the drummer.  CN Blue has just kicked off their “Bluestorm 2011 Asia Tour” with a successful two-night concert in Seoul on the past weekend.