4minute Goes To The Market

The members of girl group 4minute have gone to the market.

On September 18, HyunA posted pictures of herself and the other members of 4minute going to the supermarket on Twitter. These photos have quickly spread and received the netizen’s attention. 

In the revealed pictures, you can see 4minute’s comfortable fashion as well as their makeup-less faces. The picture of HyunA with an armful of ramen packs has especially gathered interest. It’s safe to say that 4minute is one of the hottest girl groups with the hottest bodies. This is probably why netizen’s found it interesting that the girls had packs of ramen in their shopping cart. 

Some of the netizen’s replies include: “How can they eat this much and not gain weight?” “I’m so jealous of their bodies,” “They look prettier in their normal, daily routines. They’re too cute,” “I thought they would only eat chicken breast and veggies- this is a surprise,” “I suddenly want some ramen now- this is actually good advertising,” and so on.