Lee Ji Ah, who shocked the Korean pop industry with her divorce lawsuit from Seo Taiji less than six months ago, will make her comeback through MBC drama “I’m a Flower Too.”

On Sept. 20, MBC told local media, “Lee Ji Ah will return to the industry for the first time in eight months through MBC’s new mini-series, ‘I’m a Flower Too.’”

According to multiple sources, Lee Ji Ah is currently finalizing her deal with MBC for the leading role of “I’m a Flower Too.” She is expected to the play the role of Bong Sun, a female police officer who falls in love with the CEO of an underwear company.

The show is written by Kim Do Woo, who’s worked on MBC “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,” and is produced by Go Dong Sun, who’s previous work includes MBC “Queen of Housewives.”

Kim Do Woo said, “I met with Lee Ji Ah recently and it made me realize she has a lot of interest and understanding for people. Her acting the viewers will get to see is important, but it’s equally important that the person doing the acting has a charming personality—and that’s why I look forward to working with her.”

Lee Ji Ah’s management agency, Key East Entertainment, said, “It is true that we thought a lot about when to make a return. After receiving the offer, we not only reaffirmed our trust in Kim Do Woo and Go Dong Sun, but also found her character to be very attractive, so we started to consider the offer positively.”

Key East continued, “Last week, we met with the writer and producer, and it just increased our expectations for the show. It also made us believe in the quality of the show as we believe it’s an opportunity that we cannot reject. Since she’s given another chance to appear in front of the camera as an actress, we’ll do our best to show a more mature and improved acting to the fans.”

MBC “I’m a Flower, Too” is currently finalizing its cast, and is expected to begin filming from early November.