Lee Dong Wook Likes f(x)? What About Taeyeon?

Actor Lee Dong Wook has shown interest in the girl group f(x). Lee Dong Wook was recently on the radio show SBS Power FM “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” where he shared and showed an honest and funny side of him. 

During the program he was asked, “Out of all the girl groups out there, is there any group that has caught your attention recently?” He answered, “I can’t think of any,” safely skipping the question. 

Choi Hwa Jung carried on asking, “What about when you were in the army?” He answered, “I watched a lot of girl groups while in the army,” and continued, “but out of all the groups, f(x) really caught my eye.”

After revealing his interest in f(x) he began to worry, saying, “I’m going to be in trouble now. When I made a guest voice appearance on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart,’ I said that I liked SNSD’s Taeyeon. And when I was released from the army I said that I liked Park Jung Hyun. And today, I mention that I like f(x) too.”

Meanwhile, while on the radio, the actorrevealed some episodes that happened behind the scenes of the recently finished drama “Scent of a Woman,” and also talked about his life in the army with Kim Jae Won, Boom and other celebrities.