Running Man PD, “All Six Members of SNSD Have A Great Sense of Humor”

SBS’sRunning Man” PD, Jo Hyo Jin, revealed the atmosphere of the filming site, where SNSD was the guest for the recording that took place on the 19th. 

It was revealed that SNSD was filming ‘Running Man’, when photos and short videos of the recording were posted up on various community websites as well as through social networking sites.

Jo Hyo Jin PD mentioned, “Six members of SNSD, Yoona, Taeyeon, Jessica, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and the members of “Running Man” split into three groups of four, carrying out various tasks to complete a race.” He also went onto mention, “All the girls have a great sense of humor, and so all the “Running Man” members as well as the staff on site had a fun time filming.”

Especially, “Because the guests in this episode all happen to be members from the same group, they knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses well, which enabled them to naturally create a fun atmosphere. In the following episodes viewers will be able to see a more natural side of SNSD.” 

The episode of “Running Man” starring SNSD is scheduled to air on October 2, after the ‘China Special – Part 2’.