Yang Yoseob Shares Pictures of BEAST’s Trip to Spain

Recently, BEAST‘s Yoseob revealed many photos of his trip to Spain.

On September 20, Yoseob posted several photos of himself and his members on his twitter page. Along with the photos, Yoseob tweeted, “Hola! I love Spain. The weather here is so nice and everything is so perfect.”

After he finished posting all the photos, Yoseob wrote, “I quickly posted these for Beauty to let them know how we are doing in Spain. It’s probably time for bed for Beauty right? Good night!”

After reading and viewing these tweets and photos posted by Yoseob, netizens gave comments such as, “How can he be so cute even in Spain?”, “Beast: The New Conquistadors of Spain.”, “Indeed, the weather there looks really nice. I’m just glad that they don’t look too tired – instead, they look like they are having a blast!”, and “Yoseob’s so caring and cute!”

Meanwhile, BEAST flew over to Spain to film for MBC‘s “Couple Dance Festival K-POP Road Show 40120” on September 18.