Sung Si Kyung’s Look Without Glasses Gathers Interest

Sung Si Kyung recently revealed his face without glasses which has been gathering lots of interest after many people commented how he looks like a member from a variety show.

On the “All Singers” episode of SBS Strong Heart” that aired on September 20, Sung Si Kyung finally took off his glasses that has been his main trademark for several years. After he took them off, many people on the set laughed after he simply said, “Hello,” for his fans.

The reason behind this interest is due to many people’s comments on how he looks like a different person without glasses.

When he was asked, “Are you adjusting well after your recent comeback?” He replied, “I’m just really surprised by how Boom adjusted so well after only a week from comeback.”

Sung Si Kyung added, “Boom finally released an album after three long years, but he doesn’t really look like a fellow singer to me anymore – instead, he looks more like an all-around celebrity.”