Lee Ji Ah’s Comeback Too Soon?

It was recently announced that Lee Ji Ah would return to the entertainment industry with the MBC drama, “I’m a Flower Too.”

After a long absence from the public eye following the secret marriage and divorce scandal with singer Seo Taiji, Lee Ji Ah’s return has become a hot topic among netizens.

Some responded that it was too soon for Lee Ji Ah to return to the screen, after causing so much controversy, while others countered that it wasn’t like she committed a crime, questioning the need for a hiatus.

The comments that are against Lee Ji Ah’s comeback seem to be personal, with sentiments that state, “I don’t want to see her yet.”

These responses stand in contrast to the announcement of her ex-husband Seo Taiji’s potential comeback with the theatrical release of never-before-seen scenes from his eighth album “Moai” music video on September 23. Netizens responded warmly, expressing their desire to quickly see Seo Taiji back on stage, with a “more mature sound after hardship.”

Critics are calling attention to the discrepancy between the responses to the two comebacks, pointing to the prejudice that seems to lean more against women than men in divorce cases in Korean society.

What is your response to Lee Ji Ah’s comeback?