Photo of Jessica During "Running Man" Recording Leaked

A photo of Jessica during the recording of the SNSD special of SBS “Running Man” has drawn the attention of the public.

Uploaded on an online community site on September 19, a spoiler photo of SNSD has crossed the netizens during the recording for SBS “Running Man.”

Jessica stood out the most within the fan-taken photo as her shirt read the number 4 which corresponded with Gary’s. She was seen sporting floral print shorts which showed off her shapely legs as well her doll-like face.

Netizens made comments such as, “Is she partners with Gary? I’m jealous of him,” “She looks like a doll standing there,” and “Jessica really shines her own light.”

Meanwhile, the episode of SNSD will be divided into two parts, airing on October 2 and October 9.