Kang Ho Dong to Step Down from MBC “Knee Drop Guru,” SBS “Star King” and “Strong Heart”

On Sept. 21, the much embattled show host Kang Ho Dong has announced his decision to step down from three of his main TV shows, including MBC “Knee Drop Guru,” SBS “Star King” and “Strong Heart.”

According to multiple reports, Kang Ho Dong recently met with the production teams and told his decision to withdraw from all three shows. After Kang Ho Dong held his emergency press conference to announce his temporary retirement on Sept. 9, many speculations have been going around regarding his stay with these shows. Some raised the possibility of him remaining on the shows, since he has hosted them for several years, but today’s decision put an end to all rumors.

It was also reported that Kang Ho Dong is currently contemplating whether he should continue on with KBS “1 Night and 2 Days.” The production team, however, is said to be convincing him to remain on the show.

The producers of SBS “Strong Heart” told local media Lee Seung Ki will remain as the sole host of the show. “We plan on keeping him as the only host of the show for a while. Through his experience working with Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Ki has proven his show hosting ability and learned how to lead the guests through the show,” the main producer of “Strong Heart” said. Beginning from the Sept. 22 recording, Lee Seung Ki will lead the show as the main host. But they still have a few episodes recorded in advance with Kang Ho Dong as the co-host.

After his tax evasion allegations were confirmed earlier this month, Kang Ho Dong took a temporary leave of absence from all of his shows. But it was reported on Sept. 21 that he made investments in the 2018 Winter Olympics area, raising speculation that his investment might have come from the money he accrued from tax evasion.