Ivy Wins Her Lawsuit Against Former Agency

Singer Ivy has won her legal battle against her former agency, “STOM E&F,” on September 21. 

Earlier in the year, Ivy had filed a lawsuit against her former agency asking for her contract to be terminated. She had signed on with the company in August of 2009, but claimed that the company was neglecting her activities as a singer and failing to complete their end of duty as a management agency. The company also failed to pay her the amount due in profits for her third album. 

After a nine month battle, the court has raised their hand in Ivy’s favor, effectively canceling her contract with the agency and setting her free to pursue her career with another label. 

Now that she’s back in the industry, officials are wondering whether she’ll be making a triumphant return as the sexy soloist she’s known to be.

Only time will tell, so let’s wish her some luck!