Clazziquai’s Alex Teams Up With Daum for Make a Wish Foundation

On September 16, Daum Communications revealed that it will team up with singer Alex (Clazziquai) for “Hope With the Stars”, which raises funds for children with terminal illnesses. Their partnership will last until October 14.

Currently, Alex is working with Daum’s community site to help children with pediatric cancer and leukemia. He is volunteering, spreading the word about gift donations, as well as introducing the Make a Wish Foundation through Daum’s site.

Minutes after posting the information, 500 netizens placed their signatures to support his collaboration, and since September 15, Daum has been fundraising. All of the proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation, which fulfills the last wishes of children with cancer and other terminal illnesses.

People can help Alex on his mission through the page: (, and give donations through Daum cash, cell phone or credit card.

“Hope With the Stars”, in conjunction with Daum’s music service, has the Make a Wish Foundation’s music on the site to netizens at no cost. Each time a netizen downloads it, Daum donates 1,000 won (approximately $1 USD). In the album, actors Kang Suk Woo and Kim Tae Hee, along with singers Shoo, Alex, Jewelry, Jo Hyung Woo and musical actress Jun Sun Ah, all participated. On September 30, there will be a Make a Wish Foundation concert at Yang Jae Dong Torch Center.

Yook Shim Nah, Daum’s community site leader said, “We hope that Daum, the netizens, and our stars will work together as a team to reach goal. Together, we’ll send a message to everyone. That there is hope.”

What a beautiful message.