Hwang Jung Eum Confesses About Getting a Nose Job

Hwang Jung Eum confessed about her having a failed nose job (Plastic surgery on her nose). She appeared on MBC “Jung Bo Suk’s Chung Dam Dong 1AM” that was broadcast on Sept. 19 and stated, “I do have a few inferiority complexes but I try thinking positively that I don’t.”

She stated, “If I have any inferiority complexes I have about my looks I go to a plastic surgeon. In order to stop myself from doing that, I keep telling myself ‘You are pretty, you are pretty.’ One time I had plastic surgery on my nose but it became too high and I looked like Keanu Reeves. That’s why I pulled out everything that was done. For a whole month I didn’t go outside besides the agency/company.”

She was asked if her nose right now was her own, and she answered, “It is my nose, but there is still some stuff left over. I don’t think we were able to pull everything out. My nose has become a little chubbier and I think it looks better that way. It looks like I didn’t get any plastic surgery, originally my nose was more sharp.”

Then Hwang Jung Eum spoke about the rumors involving her and a plastic surgery for her chin. “When plastic surgeons see my chin they know the truth. If one has plastic surgery on their chin it does not look this natural and beautiful.”