SNSD Fans Celebrate Hyoyeon’s Birthday

In celebration of Hyoyeon‘s 23rd birthday, SONES have come together to put out a newspaper ad on September 22, congratulating their beloved member’s birthday. 

One of the members said, “Ever since ‘SM Town Live in Paris,’ Hyoyeon has been rising as one of SNSD‘s trendiest members. Like a bright star in the night sky, we hope that she continues to shine as brightly as ever.” 

Fans also gathered their efforts in donating happy beans (a type of Internet currency) to the Children’s Foundation under Hyoyeon’s name. Some even banded together to volunteer at a home for the elderly on August 27. 

Taiwanese SONES weren’t left out, as they also participated in the charity work by sending in donations to purchase living necessities. “Taiwanese fans sent in donations in celebration of SNSD’s fourth anniversary. We delayed what their donations would be spent on, and decided to connect it to Hyoyeon’s birthday,” the volunteering manager of their fanclub said.

Happy birthday, Hyoyeon!