Running Man: Great Wall of China Controversy

SBS’s “Running Man” gave an official apology because of causing a controversy for its subtitles. On the episode of “Running Man” that was broadcast on September 22 they described the Great Wall of China as being 8,851km long.

Netizens on the message board of “Running Man” pointed out that describing the Great Wall of China as being 8,851km long is giving credence to China’s “Northeast Asia Project.” China’s “Northeast Asia Project” began in the year 2002, and is trying to include all of the history within China’s border as China’s own history.

Excluding the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea’s castle “Hoosan” the Great Wall of China would be around 5000~6000km long. However, the “Northeast Asia Project” includes this area as a part of the Great Wall of China.

A lot controversy erupted on the message boards and the production team on September 20 made an official apology stating that “It was a mistake of the production team to state that the Great Wall of China is 8,851km long. We should have been more careful with this type of information. We will take your criticism and ensure that a problem of this type will not occur in the future, and work harder.”