Cube Entertainment Reports Yong Junhyung’s Stolen Laptop

BEAST‘s Yong Junhyung unfortunately recently had a laptop containing many years’ worth of his songs stolen.

“Yong Junhyung recently visited Spain as a judge for the ‘Cover Dance Festival’. While returning home, he stopped by Finland and it seems that’s when he lost his laptop. We’ve currently reported the laptop at the lost items center. Fortunately, he had his files backed up but most of the songs he recently worked on weren’t backed up so Junhyung is going through some tough times right now,” officials of Cube Entertainment revealed on September 22.

They continued, “The damages are big. Some of the songs weren’t meant for BEAST’s immediate release, but there were a few on his laptop that were meant to be included in future album releases. They are songs that cannot be valued in money.” 

We sincerely hope that he is able to recover his laptop!