SNSD’s Seohyun Reveals a Childhood Friend

SNSD’s youngest member Seohyun reveals her friendship with a former trainee of SM Entertainment, Lee Hwan Hee. On a recent TV appearance with some SNSD members, Seohyun shed tears when she talked about her years of training with Hwan Hee.

“Throughout all our years training together, I had never considered not debuting with her,” the singer said. “I have always thought we would debut together in the same group.” She further revealed that Hwan Hee is currently studying and has hopes of becoming an actess.

Seohyun’s story attracted interest from viewers and netizens. A photo of the two smiling together during their trainee days was unearthed and circulated in online community boards. As Seohyun trained for more than six years before debut, she and Hwan Hee have been friends since childhood.

The photo generated comments like “There are high hopes of her being a good actress,” “Your friend is very pretty” and “Your lasting friendship is admirable.”