Cosmetic Surgeons Select the Best Looking Idols of 2011

Following up to recent articles “Vocal Trainers Select The Best Singing Idols of 2011” and “Choreographers Select The Best Dancing Idols of 2011“, cosmetic surgeons now show their choices of the Best Looking Idols of 2011.

A good visual appearance of idol groups are what makes them loved, remembered, hated by fans. A ‘hot’ appearance will attract a lot of attention; attention from netizens trigger questions and critical comments. What do Cosmetic Surgeons of Korea think about idols’ appearances?

Best looking Male Idol Groups

2PM received a total of six votes, and ranked as the best looking male idol group of 2011. Following on, Super Junior received five votes, and ranked as the second best looking male idol group.

2PM was praised for their balanced visual appearances. Their visages are distinct, and their sharp noses portray a sense of manliness. Plastic surgeons have also said that through the members of Super Junior, they were able to see the manly side of each member as they grew older.

Coming second were DBSK and Big Bang with a total of 2 votes each. Professionals have said that members in DBSK both have a small face with a clear and individual visage. They have also said that Big Bang members have sharp and edgy face lines. Big Bang was also praised because of their ability to distinguish their positive and negative aspects of their appearance and try to overcome those negative aspects by their outstanding sense of styling.

Best looking Female Idol Groups

SNSD has the lead with nine votes and as some cosmetic surgeons say, they greatly suit the image of young girl. They are able to suit a sexy concept as well as a cute concept.   

Following on, Tara was ranked second place with four votes, Kara and f(x) received two votes each. Professionals have said Tara is well suited to any concept and f(x) has sexy, cute, and a feminine side to their images. Kara was praised for their big, charming eyes and their sharp and egg-shaped face. Each member was also praised for their beautiful images.


Best Looking Male Idol Individuals

Super Junior’s Choi Si Won was voted as the best looking male individual, receiving four votes. He was praised for his perfect visages and overall appearances. 2PM’s Nickhun and Taecyeon received three votes and ranked as the second best looking male idol individuals.

Best looking Female Idol Individuals

SNSD’s YoonA received seven votes and ranked as the best looking female individual. Professionals who voted for YoonA have said that she is feminine, she also have a small face with smooth lines and large visages which look good together.

SNSD’s Yuri was said to have a naïve and a feminine image. Kim Tae Hee’s look alike, Tara’s Ji Yeon was said to have a charming and remarkable eye that catches people’s attention. They received a total of three votes each and was ranked as the second best looking female idol individuals.