One Way Release a New Cover on YouTube

One Way’s Peter and YoungSky recently released a cover video on YouTube.

The video titled “Just Watch the Damn Thing” was uploaded on September 22 through One Way’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Peter and YoungSky perform a unique rap of “Georgie Porgie,” a popular English nursery rhyme and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

The description of the video was a message from the group saying “It’s been a while since we did a cover~ Just listen to the whole song and leave a bloody comment, please.”

The video ended with a message from One Way, saying “Peter & Sky coming real soon…,” implying that the group may be releasing something new in the near future.

One Way’s last release was their album “Rainy Days” in which the titular track of the same name featured 2PM’s Junsu.

Watch the video here: