T-ara’s Comeback MV Cost $1 Million

With their official come back slated for November 1, T-ara has revealed that their highly anticipated comeback music video cost over $1 million USD in production costs!

The group will be shedding their retro “Roly Poly” concept for the electronic sound they’ve been loved for amongst fans in their teens and 20’s. Like their previous releases, their album will be the work of composers Cho Young Soo, Shinsadong Tiger, Brave Brothers, and Kang Jiwon – all names we should all be familiar with by now. 

The 30 minute long music video not only cost $1 million USD to produce, but will also include a star studded line-up. They’re still in the middle of casting celebrities, but considering the fact that the music video will be directed by Cha Eun Taek, it’s really only a matter of time before we see news of celebrity castings. 

The girls said, “We’re all working very hard to comeback with a perfect, amazing new look, so we hope that you will anticipate us.”