SNSD to Donate Their Clothing to Charity Auction

On September 27th, SNSD will be participating in the ‘SNSD, Requesting a Beautiful Auction~‘ event to be held at the Youngdeungpo Time Square in Seoul. 

The girls will be donating 29 special items to be put up for auction as a charity donation. The items include outfits and accessories they wore in various CFs like Coway‘s CF campaign. The items being donated are said to be some of the girls’ favorites, so it’s an opportunity that fans in Korea wouldn’t want to miss. 

The members will also be personally autographing each item and will share some funny stories that happened on the film set each item was worn in. All nine members will be attending the event, including Sooyoung, who was recently involved in a car accident, so fans are looking forward to seeing their nine angels at such a meaningful place. 

All profits made from sales will be donated to a charity that aids impoverished women in gaining their independence.