Han Go Eun Joins Lee Ji Ah and Kim Jae Won in "I’m a Flower Too"

Han Go Eun joins the cast of Lee Ji Ah’s comeback drama “I’m a Flower Too.” She comes in to the drama shortly after Kim Jae Won was announced as leading man earlier in the week.

In the drama, Lee Ji Ah will play a policewoman, the love interest of Kim Jae Won’s character Jae Hee. Jae Hee is an owner of a designer label store, but is undercover as a valet in the day. Han Go Eun’s character, described as sharp businesswoman, is the one who helps Jae Hee become successful.

Other supporting characters are yet to be cast. “I’m a Flower Too” is from the director of well-known romantic comedy “Queen of Housewives” and the writer of the hit “My Name Is Kim Samsoon.” The drama is slated to premiere on MBC in November.