Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Confesses, "I Miss Jo Kwon"

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Ga In truthfully confessed that she misses her virtual ex-husband, Jo Kwon of 2AM.

Earlier this week, Ga In met with a reporter at a café in Cheong-Dam Dong and talked about MBC TV’s “We Got Married” and whether Ga In still kept in contact with her ex-husband Jo Kwon. 

Ga In answered, “On my birthday I had a small celebration with a few close friends. (Jo) Kwony was meant to attend with (Im) Seulong, but in the end he couldn’t attend because he was sick again.” 

She continued saying, “At the end when he said he couldn’t come, I was a bit upset,” adding on, “now that I don’t see him as much as I used to, I do miss him sometimes.”

Ga In and Jo Kwon started their virtual married relationship on the MBC TV program “We Got Married” from September 2009 until January 2011. The couple received a lot of love from their fans and viewers, and were even given the nickname of “Adam Couple” (little couple).

On the other hand, the group Ga In is a member of, Brown Eyed Girls, released their 4th full album, “Sixth Sense,” on September 23. They will perform their first comeback stage on the 24th at MBC TV’s “Show! Music Core.”