‎[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday – Immortal Song 2 and Secret" – Sept. 24 Episode

“Immortal Song 2 – Sing the legends”

Using the great songs from the 70-80’s, Vocalists Special Part 3 – 7080’s Big Match!
Last week was the fiercely contested Round 1, with Lee Ki Chan, Lim Jung Hee, Jang Hui Young, Lee Hyuk, Ali, Lee Jung, Lee Hae Ri. Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri proudly takes the victory in a fiercely contested round 1.

Now to decide the final victor, the last round of the 7080’s big match begins! 

  • Last time she won the female vocalist special – the greatest sexy diva, Seo In Young’s “Night Train” (밤차)
  • The sensitive voice that melts the heart of ladies, SG Wannabe Lee Suk Hoon’s “This night again” (이 밤을 다시 한 번)
  • The voice that moistens the autumn night, 4men Shin Yong Jae’s “Forgotten Season” (잊혀진 계절)
  • The prince of the stage musical world! The charisma that overwhelms the audience, Lim Tae Kyung’s “Romance” (열애)
  • The fiery stage manner! Korea’s Bon Jovi, Hong Kyung Mins “The Sun” (해야)
  • The lady that is full of charm! Perfect vocalist, 8eight Joo Hee’s “Beautiful Lady” (미인)
  • Korea’s Farinelli, His singing abilities gives you goose bumps, Flower Goo Yoo Jin’s “Deserted Island” (무인도)

Who will be the winner of the 2nd round and compete in the finals with the one that possesses voice capable of perfectly reaching immense high notes, Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri?

Guests: Kara’s Park Gyu Ri, Goo Hara, T-ara’s So Yeon, NS Yoon Ji, Hwang Hyun Hee, Han Min Kwan, Choi Hyo Jong, Huh Kyung Hwan, Yang Bae Chu.

The nine nice looking men(?) and women have met up. Starting with the dance survival corner with MC Boom and the “Luck of the draw ranking show” to find out what the opposite sex thinks about you. And as a way of finding out what the star’s true nature are, the special and private secrets as well. After looking into all of this, they have to pick the best man and woman – who will be the best?

This week’s special secrets:

– Yang Bae Chu attempts to kiss Goo Hara?!
Secret’s new dark horse, Yang Bae Chu. He captivates the female idols with his pure and cute image. However what is Yang Bae Chu’s secret that astonished everyone? “Yang Bae Chu, his pure hearted appearance is all a show?!” What is Yang Bae Chu’s unique first kiss method that really surprised all the female idols?

Yang Bae Chu attempts to kiss Hara using his own secret method?! Yang Bae Chu’s detestable(?) kiss attempt! And the dating techniques that Boom and Han Min Kwan have been hiding, from A To Z. The star’s dating techniques. They will be revealed on Secret.

– T-ara So Yeon, her episodes as a kid that acts ahead of her age is revealed!
T-ara’s manager reveals a secret that is fatal to So Yeon, an idol. “So Yeon is like a kid that acts beyond of her age.” T-ara has turned up the retro fever with “Roly Poly”, However, So Yeon is retro right down to her bones?
So Yeon, despite her young age, severely acts beyond of her age!

So Yeon, who elegantly sings Shim Soo Bong’s “I only know about love” has a dream and that is to be a good mother. A different side to T-ara So Yeon’s will be shown on Secret.

– Hwang Hyun Hee’s uncomfortable truth
Hwang Hyun Hee’s humiliating vacation story is revealed by one of his junior comedians. “Hwang Hyun Hee, he goes around acting like a celebrity even at his vacation spot?!”

Hwang Hyun Hee went on a vacation together with his junior colleague, in case people recognized him, he perfectly disguised himself with sunglasses, hats etc but… Eventually when no one recognized him, what was the bizarre action Hwang Hyun Hee took once he became drunk? Hwang Hyun Hee provides a barrel of laughter in the studio, his uncomfortable truth will be revealed!

– Han Min Kwan! Your mother is reporting you!
Han Min Kwan’s mother reveals an exclusive secret about him. “Han Min Kwan, he bought a mobile phone using his friend’s school fees?!”

During his schooling days, Min Kwan nagged his parents to buy him a mobile phone but he eventually didn’t get one. A few days later, they get shocking news from his school. “Min Kwan bought a mobile phone using his friend’s school fees?” What is Min Kwan’s school secrets that causes the studio to get into a commotion?

– Huh Kyung Hwan – the techniques of protecting my lady as a man from the Gyungsang Province!
The manly personality and muscular body, Kyung Hwan is gaining popularity as the best looking comedian! An old friend of handsome Kyung Hwan has sent a report video to Secret?

Kyung Hwan was going through the city of Tongyeong while holding the hands of his girlfriend, and by chance he ends up running into some guys(?) that were usually his enemy… What did Kyung Hwan do that at that point that is completely opposite to what we think he will do? 

“Kyung Hwan, In front of danger(?) he let go of his girlfriend’s hand…?”

The super secret that made Huh Kyung Hwan flustered will be revealed!

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