2PM’s Taecyeon’s Popularity at a College Campus

2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon froze those around him when he entered a college campus recently.

On September 22, Taecyeon had a great time at his visit to Dan Gook University. As soon as he stepped on campus, the scene became noisy. Requests for autographs came from all over the place, and in a matter of moments crowds of fans surrounded him.

Everywhere he went, he was well known among the students. In the cafeteria people took an immense interest in him, and he was so popular in the classroom that he had a mini autograph signing event. It was reported that as soon as he sat down, he had already signed 80 signatures. Now that’s fan service for you.

It wasn’t just fun and play for our Taecyeon though. He sat in a three hour long lecture for marketing and chatted with the professor for a little bit afterwards. (After all, he was a top student in Boston before he became an idol.)

“I was able to eat lunch with friends and listen to some lectures, so I had a great day.”

Oh how I wish I had been there!

The things I would do for that girl’s seat…