‎[Preview] MBC "Infinity Challenge" – Sept. 24 Episode

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Infinity Challenge Speed Special Last Story! ★

Hurry Up!! There is no time left!!

A man with a mysterious voice is watching the seven guys from somewhere. The close battle with the unknown enemy!! Infinity Challenge Speed Special, The shocking conclusion will be revealed!

# The “Don’t ask any questions” missions have to continue!!

The Hong Car explosion causes the seven guys to fall Into shock, even before that shock has had time to wear off they get a mission envelope!
“Send an email to the provided email address” To send the email they need to pass through the Three Stage Elevator Secret Chamber Game of Terror! Keen Eyes! Wisdom! Flexibility! Use all of this to gain all the hints! If they miss even one hint then they can’t complete the mission?!

It’s such a small space that it’s difficult to move around, even in these bad conditions they rely on each other and start the mission but… will they be able to successfully complete their mission?


# The Enemy’s identity is finally revealed and the conclusion!

Now it’s really the end!! They arrive at the place that their navigation GPS has guided them to and it’s a dark vacant lot with a gloomy mood!

There is solitary and remote house standing in at this place??!! After all sorts of difficulties, the members finally acquire the password to shut off the bomb! However that’s not the end of it?! The unilateral dealings with the enemy means that you cannot relax till the very end. And….The identity of the voice is finally revealed! What was the message he was trying to convey? Infinity Challenge Speed Special! The goosebump inducing plot twist will be revealed!


Event Hanamana Season 3 ★ 

Started as a small shop event in 2007 and then heated up a University Festival stage, Infinity Challenge Event Hanamana! Autumn of 2011, Event Hanamana Season 3 will begin using songs from the ‘West Coast Expressway Music Festival”!

# Hanamana (Whether we do it or not)~ Mashanamana(Whether we say it or not)~♪ My really impressive new partners!

Ta da~! I will reveal my partner!

It’s the guy that will be the Romanticist Macho for a day with Hyung Don What’s the real identity of the guy that has showed up with a perm wig?

Following in the footsteps of Bada-Gil, Shin-Gil is born?! The girl that has a shining halo around her even when she is standing still!, the studio is up in a commotion due to the appearance of the innocent glamour star!! The new partners are revealed consecutively after this, starting with the four sweet guys that will be one with Jun Ha! Singing Ability, Dance Ability and Wit as well! The person that looks like Lee Juk that has all three qualities in equal amounts and the three people that are already perfect, CG and Park Bok! Also their difference in height is 17cm! The two guys that make Haha look like a centimetre as well!

Out of all the participating teams, Hong Chul is the only one willing to do an audition to pick his best partner! The perfect PSY look-a-like that even caused the peerless Hong Chul to concede defeat will be revealed! 

Even though we don’t know where we are heading, we will be doing an event! On what kind of stage will they be on and what kind of performance will they show off?