Celeb Style File: Kim Jaejoong

Welcome once again to this special edition of Celeb Style File: Before and After Debut. For this third edition, the review goes on Kim Jaejoong also known as Hero, Jejung, Youngwoong Jaejoong or just simply JJ.

Jaejoong had a really difficult time while being a teenager when he moved by his own from his hometown to Seoul in order to audition for SM Entertainment. He worked hard to accomplish his dreams and he finally got accepted having won a prize for “best looks” and “best signing”. Now, let’s take a look at cute baby Jaejoong and his photos as a teenager before his debut together with Super Junior‘s members and band mates from DBSK.

Such a royalty baby, isn’t him?

While he was a trainee, Jaejoong became close friends with labelmates Super Junior. He also became the third member added to be part of  DBSK.

He debuted with DBSK’s members on December 26, 2003 and after just three months of their debut, DBSK became number 1 on popularity lists and is one of the best idols groups in Asia. Unfortunately, he and two other members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and the DBSK dream for many cassiopeia fans came to an end. He formed JYJ together with Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu and they have been promoting as a new idol group since the lawsuit complaint in 2009.

Jaejoong always has been considered the number 1 good looking man in whole Asia. There’s no doubt that Jaejoong’s looks are simply natural, a really handsome man. It doesn’t matter if he has long or short hair, blond, black or red, if he has tattoos or not, he always looks sexy, his eyes have that wild and mysterious air which is simply breath-taking. 

Now, let’s just take a look at his different styles from DBSK, including the Balloons and Mirotic era, to JYJ and also some pictures from his roles in Heaven’s Postman movie and his current drama Protect the Boss. His hair style hasn’t changed that much since he formed JYJ. He tries to keep his hair short in a bob cut style, besides that, he just wears suits for any event he assists.

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