Park Min Young Was Angry about Unfulfilled "Sofa Kiss" in City Hunter

KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” on Sept 24 aired an earlier interview with Park Min Young carried out before the announcement of her being a couple with Lee Min Ho, her co-star in recent drama “City Hunter.”

When asked which scene in City Hunter left the deepest memory for her, she said, “The sofa kiss was beautiful. While both characters knew that they liked each other, that moment felt like they were new lovers.”

However the sofa kiss in the scene was just suggestive and was meant to portray the beginning of the characters’ loveline. It did not end in a real kiss. With regard to this, Park Min Young said, “From the perspective of the viewers, I was angry. But despite the regrets, it was interesting to be able to induce in viewers this ‘unsatisfied appetite’, which was the original intention (of the producers).”



When asked how she could get a boyfriend with her busy schedule, she replied, “But I have one in the drama.”

She was also asked what she hopes to be able to do if she had a boyfriend. She said, “During Christmas, I would like to be able to walk along a crowded street with my boyfriend.”

“It will be nice if he could wrap a scarf around me too,” she added with a blissful smile.


edit: The Sofa Kiss was apparently also a “memorable almost-kiss” for Lee Min Ho, as seen in an Eider interview below

(Credits for the above video addition to aznlad33‘s comment and memorex54 at the Official MinMin Couple Thread Smile)