New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 September Week 4

JYJ – In Heaven (Sept. 27)

01 Get Out
02 In Heaven (Narr. Kim Jung Eun)
03 Fallen Leaves
04 Boy’s Letter
05 Mission
06 I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
07 Pierrot
08 You’re
09 Nine
10 Song Without a Name Part 1

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JYJ releases its first Korean album titled, “In Heaven”.  The title track is of the same title and it is a sad rock ballad number composed and penned by Jaejoong himself. There are a total of ten tracks including “Get Out” and “You’re”. There are red, blue and brown versions of this album.


Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 4 – Sixth Sense (Sept. 26)

01 Swing It Shorty (Intro)
02 Sixth Sense
03 Hotshot
04 La Boheme
05 Inconvenient Truth
06 Lovemotion
07 Countdown (Interlude)
08 Vendetta
09 Sixth Senese (INST)

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Brown Eyed Girls’ long awaited fourth album, “Sixth Sense” is finally out after two years and two months. Top producer Jo Young Chul, composer Lee Min Su, lyricist Kim Ina, as well as top staff members east4A, KZ, and much more took part in this much anticipated album. The title track is “Sixth Sense”, which was composed by Lee Min Su and penned by Kim Ina. This song is of the hybrid soul genre and has sampled Shostakovich’s “Leningrad Concerto”. The classical musical styles along with the girls’ soulful vocals and rap give this song and edgy feel.


Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) – Turn Me On (Sept. 27)

01 No More Yes
02 Yesterday
03 My Love (feat. YS)
04 Get Ya’ Luv
05 Get Ya’ Luv (Acoustic Version)

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Kim Kyu Jong comes before fans this month with his first mini-album, “Turn Me On” after taking part in the musical, “Goong”. The album was co-composed by SS501’s “U R MAN’s” composer Han Sang Won and Taewan who wrote Rain’s “Rainism”.


Kan Mi Youn 2nd mini-album – Obsession (Sept. 29)

01 Not Meeting
02 Please
03 Snow Is Falling (feat. Seo Jun)
04 Not Meeting (MR)

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Kan Mi Youn finishes up her three part psycho series with her second mini-album, “Obsession”. The title track is “Not Meeting”, an upbeat electro house bokgo song composed by Bang Shi Hyuk. The song is about a woman who knows not to meet bad men only to do so again. Also included in the album is ballad number, “Please” which the singer took part in composing and penning. It is based on Kan’s own experiences.


Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) Vol. 1 – Lyrics Within My Story (released)

01 Intro (My Old Piano)
02 So Goodbye
03 Marry Me
04 Him and Her (With Jung In)
05 Fail in Love (feat. E-Sense of Supreme Team)
06 A Song For You
07 Interlude (When I was a Little Boy)
08 Whenever (With Lisa)
09 Don’t Forget
10 My Love Is…
11 Dear Mom
12 Blue Christmas
13 Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
14 Outro (Overcome)
15 Round & Round (Dhstyle Misx)
16 A Song For You (Extended Version)
17 With Chocolate (Live Version)

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Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon finally releases his first solo album, “Lyrics Within My Story”, eight years since his debut as a singer. The artist experienced with various genres ranging from R&B ballad, soul, jazz, gospel, to neo soul. The title track is “Marry Me”, a sweet number that doesn’t forget its groovy touch. It is expected to capture listeners’ ears right away. There are a total of seventeen songs including love song, “Him and Her” featuring Jung In, “Whenever” a duet ballad featuring Lisa, and “Dear Mom”, a beautiful song thanking one’s mom.


Simon D – Snl League Begins (Sept. 28)

01 Intro (feat. DJ Friz)
02 Eh Hey (feat. Jo Hu Il of Black Skirts)
03 Complex 3 (feat. B-Free, Jiguin of Rhythm Power)
04 Cheerz
05 Hero
06 Stay Cool (feat. Zion.T)
07 No More (feat. Jonggigo)
08 Body Rock
09 We Got (feat. Dynamic Duo, Boston Horns)
10 Getting Better

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Simon D, known for his hip-hop music as well as his looks releases a project album, “SNL League Begins” with the help of Loptimist. This time around, the artist spent a lot of time finding his own color as shown through the ten tracks in this album.


Kim Bo Kyung mini-album Vol. 2 – Growing (released)

01 Without U
02 Hurts
03 15 Times
04 Miss You
05 Wings
06 Hurts (INST)

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Kim Bo Kyung who debuted in January with “Day by Day” makes a comeback this month with her second mini-album, “Growing”. The title track is a powerful ballad titled “Hurts”, and it showcases the singer’s unique vocals and style. The song holds lyrics about the pain one feels due to failed love.


Jewelry S (single) – Ames Room Vol. 2 (released)

01 Single
02 Forget It
03 Forget It (INST)

Jewelry S takes part in part two of the “Ames Room” project album. The title track is “Forget It”, a medium-tempo number about a girl who has just broken up with a lover. Despite the girls’ young age, they are able to express this feeling well.


Ok Ju Hyun/SG Wannabe/T-Ara (single) – Page 1 (released)

01 Page 1

Ok Ju Hyun, SG Wannabe’s Jin Ho, and T-ara’s So Yeon come together to take part in a digital single titled, “Page 1”. It is a pop ballad number in minor key. It has polished violin accompaniment followed by the singers’ talented vocals. The song was co-composed and penned by Jo Young Soo and Oh Sung Hun.

Other Releases:
Brownbreath – Sprd the Mssg (Sept. 27)
Nadv – Memory (Sept. 27)
Infinite – Over the Top Repackage (Sept. 27)
Basick – Classick (Sept. 27)
Deli Spice – Vol. 7 Open Your Eyes (Sept. 29)
Jo PD – Vol. 7 Part 1 State of the Art (Sept. 29)
Jo PD – Vol. 7 Part 2 Art of Business (Sept. 29)

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