Brown Eyed Girls Stuns With Comeback Performance

Brown Eyed Girls, who have just made their highly anticipated fourth album comeback with “Sixth Sense,” rocked their comeback stage on Music Core with their signature powerful vocals and performance.

Performing both “Hot Shot” and their title song “Sixth Sense,” each member displayed their full range of sexy appeal and talented singing.

For “Hot Shot,” the members dressed in black suits that evoked an androgynous appeal against their skirted female dancers. The look was classic yet modern, perfectly matching the electronic swing feel of “ Hot Shot.” Check out the sizzling performance below:

For “Sixth Sense,” the girls sported a sexy military look to match the powerful beat of the song. Especially notable was the Ga-in’s “whale sound” that grabbed the audience’s attention with its incredible high pitch.

Fan’s reacted to the comeback performance with “Now the real singers have arrived,” “I couldn’t take my eyes off,” and “The performances by other idol groups can’t compare.”

In related news, Brown Eyed Girls swept the charts as soon as their album was released. And why wouldn’t they, with their catchy song? Check out their exclusive shout-out to Soompi here.

What do you guys think of their performance? Do you like the songs and the look? If you loved it, go support the girls by tweeting #BEGisback!