Kara’s Ji Young Reveals Her Pet Dog Through Selca Photo

The beautiful Kang Ji Young of one of Korea’s most popular girl groups Kara has amazed netizens once again with one of her gorgeous pictures.

On September 25, Kang Ji Young uploaded her selca through her own Twitter account. She is posing cutely with her adorable pet dog. In this picture she also reveals her no make-up face, while wearing mask packs underneath her eyes. Despite her wearing no make-up, she still manages to look fresh and beautiful, just like she always does, making many young girls envy her big eyes and clear skin.

However, the most striking thing in the picture has to be her pet dog. Her dog seems to be lying very comfortable in her arms and by the looks of his eyes, (s)he is about to fall asleep.

Many netizens envied her dog and commented, “I want to change into a pet dog” and “That dog seems to lie very comfortable, his expression is priceless!”

Don’t they both look cute together?