JYJ: "We’re Preparing for Various Ways to Meet the Fans"

With the trio’s new album, “IN HEAVEN“, sweeping online sales and popularity charts, JYJ has been preparing for various promotional activities.

A representative from C-JeS Entertainment, the trio’s agency, said, “JYJ’s activities in the latter half of the year will concentrate essentially on successfully finishing their concerts in Europe as the first Korean artists to perform in Spain and Germany, as well as large-scale concert in Japan. Aside from TV broadcasts, we’re preparing for various ways to meet the public.”

However, the representative has also stated that they have not received any casting offers from major TV networks. Their explanation for that was, “As the album hasn’t been officially out yet, we’re keeping an eye out for the situation.” According to the representative, “KBS said that when the official album comes out, TV appearances won’t be a problem. We have faith in the fairness of broadcast stations and we want to appear for the sake of many fans that have been waiting for JYJ’s album.”

“IN HEAVEN” will be formally released on September 27. With pre-orders reaching 300,000 copies, all three versions of the album are sold-out on numerous online shops. However, demand for the album around Asia is still rising. This has prompted the release of a special “Black version,” which will include a new poster.

Stay tuned for more promotional activities by JYJ!