Celebrities Are Working Hard on "Koica’s Dream"

Many celebrities like Park Bo Young, Park Jung Ah, Goo Joon Yeob and boy group MBLAQ are all participating for the charity project of MBC’s “Koica’s Dream”.

These kind celebrities all went to Peru’s Huayawillca village to help out with the installation of toilets and sewer systems for an elementary school. They all carried heavy luggage and supplies and made cement walls in the burning sun at 4,000 meters above sea level. The celebrities worked hard without any complaints, surprising the locals.

Male or female, the celebrities all worked equally hard at improving the school. Park Bo Young, for instance, used a shovel to dig out the ground and made holes with a width and depth of 40 centimeters. This was needed for the water construction.

MBLAQ’s Mir even suffered a minor injury while making cement walls for the toilets. He bruised his knee, which became swollen up. He also underwent a hernia operation recently, but this did not stop him from fully participating on the project. He was advised to rest and take it easy, but even that did not hamper his efforts.

Mir commented, “It was not actually me, but Joon-i hyung who was asked to participate on the project. However, I really wanted to volunteer and asked if there was a possibility that I could participate. The PD asked if it was possible for me to do hard labor, since I had surgery recently, but I said that I could do everything and that is why I am here now. When I first came to this school, the school principle made me some potatoes and eggs, something people cannot eat regularly here. I am so thankful, that I work extra hard.”

MBC’s “Koica’s Dream” is a part of MBC’s 50th anniversary, helping countries in Asia, South America and Africa through different projects. The first episode is set to air at the end of October.