Mini Tony?

A humorous picture of Tony Ahn and legendary kick boxer Choi Hong Man (also known as “Che Man”) has surfaced on the internet. On September 23, Tony Ahn commented through his own Twitter, “I took a photograph with Choi Hong Man on the launching day of my café, I am really short” and uploaded the mentioned photograph.

The picture reveals the big difference in height between Tony Ahn and Choi Hong Man and resembles the theme of the Hollywood movie “Gulliver’s Travels”, making many netizens laugh. Amused netizens commented, “Miniature Tony” and “Choi Hong Man is really huge”.

Choi Hong Man is 218cm tall (7.15ft) and weighs between 144,9kg-166,6kg (319lbs-368lbs) the biggest contestant ever in K1 (Japanese fighting organization).

Tony Ahn is busy preparing for ETN’s program “Global Super Idol” in which he is the main MC. The first episode is set to air in October.